Our Approach & Professional Ethics   


Yualande Christopher & Associates is a result driven Law Firm dedicated to providing timely and stellar legal representation to our institutional and individual clients. Our integrity and reverence for professional ethics and cannons which govern our legal profession is uncompromising. Our honesty and professional ethics are reflected in the above board manner and approach to all our transactions including real estate and personal injury and our strict compliance with the rules instituted by the governing body of our profession.

Comunication & Networking   

You might find that our staff answers the phone beyond our designated opening hours, or even that we respond to your emails and texts in minutes rather than days. We are responsive because we understand that in this globalized world clients are more demanding, require faster results and are unwilling to sacrifice quality of service they receive. To achieve this end, we work with some of the best international onshore and offshore law firms in the world to enable our clients to benefit from the advantages of these jurisdiction



The Litigation Department takes a fresh and dynamic approach to the pursuit of its court matters through vigorous representation in the Courts of Jamaica, even whilst we explore Alternative Dispute Resolution options through Mediation and Arbitration. We understand that our clients wish their matters to be litigated with professionalism, integrity and diligence to achieve cost effective and most importantly, expedient results. Accordingly, where suitable, we apply relevant provisions under the Civil Procedure Rules 2002 geared towards promoting expediency in the civil courts.


Advocacy & Commerce   

Commerce law is our core business. With local interest rates trending downward, single digit inflation, a relatively stable currency and a revival in the local Information Communication Technology (ICT) Industry, Jamaica is a country open and ready to do business. Though a modernisation and simplification of some of our key tax and trust laws are still pending, it is important to retain competent legal expertise to navigate the maze of bureaucracy that sometimes exist. We can assist you in overseas registration of companies, obtaining licences, tax compliance and preparation of both employment contracts and agreements. We go the extra mile for our clients in assisting in establishing corporate presence by partnering with local real estate brokers to identify suitable office space in the corporate area of Kingston.

Innovative Billing Agreements  

We believe that the pricing of our services should be tailored to the needs of each client and to achieve this we have implemented fee arrangements in addition to the traditional billable hours. These arrangements include blended rates, fixed rates, volume discounts, contingency fees and capped billing rates.


The Firm has 3 Main Departments:- 

The Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Department;

The Coporate and Commercial Department; and

The Real Estate and Planning Department.


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