It is not true that the inventor is, in the ordinary meaning of the term, the owner of the industrial process he discovers; he is only the first explorerCharles Coquelin 



·      Patents


·      Trademarks


·      Copyright


·      Trade Secrets


·      Cease and Desist Letters


·      Defend and File Claims for Passing Off


·      Design Rights and Breach of Confidence Claims






We manage all aspects of the creation, protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.  Our clients span the globe and operate in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, hotel & tourism, consumer goods, retail, music, telecoms and technology and sports.


We are accustomed to receiving emails in the middle of the night from our clients requesting urgent assistance with the registration of patents hours before a deadline. When this happens, we have one of our expert Intellectual Property team members contact them to ensure that no matter what, the deadline is met. We want our clients to know that we are the safe harbor they can run to for efficient, accurate and fast processing of their routine IP needs. They never have to request updates and send reminders as our experience and competence with large volume and numerous IP registrations afford us the experience and competence to meet any challenge. Even the ones that come at 2:30am.



We are also called upon by our Global Partners to review and advise on IP clauses in contracts and to prepare contracts which concern Intellectual Property including Distribution agreements and franchising deals.

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