·       Customs and Excise


·       Effective Corporate Tax Planning


·       Corporate and Individual Tax Structure


·       Income Tax and GCT


·       Representation in Tax Disputes (Court and before Appeals Tribunal)


·       OffShore & Onshore Tax Advice 



·       Negotiations and Structuring Payment Arrangements


·       The Benefits of Offshore Tax Investments and Incorporation




Our highly experienced Tax team doesn’t know how to quit until we’ve either significantly reduced or eliminated our clients’ tax debt altogether, even if it means treading on unprecedented grounds and creating precedent, as we did in Beverley Senior v The Commisisoner of Customs and Excise.

We’ve advised and defended many companies including a large Duty Free company, Betting and Gaming companies, Road Construction companies and Banking and Finance companies and are the local tax advisors for Solium GSP.

Oftentimes, a competent Tax Attorney is better able to assist a client with their tax needs as we are more cognisant of all the stages of a tax matter, including litigation and can advise a client on the pitfalls, case law and legislation which affect their case. 

About half our clients are referred to us by Members of the the local or overseas  Accounting Profession, who trust our judgment and expertise to prevent or correct accounting errors in judgment. They rely on us to interprete and distill technical tax legislation and to use our knowledge and years of experience to negotiate sensitive tax matters for significant sums of monies with wiley and experienced Government Tax Experts. When negotiation isn’t possible and court is the only option, they depend on us to defend their interests fearlessly and competently.



Our global network of Attorneys and Accountign experts ensures that we are able to offer you effective corporate planning advice in both onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

 CARICOM offers many benefits for Investors seeking to do business in Jamaica. It is important that an Attorney qualified to practice in Jamaica, specializing in Tax Law be retained to guide you  through what could seem a complicated maze of legislation.





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