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The Best Care Foundation and

Yualande Christopher & Associates

Yualande Christopher & Associates is a committed supporter of the disability community, with a particular focus on the Best Care Foundation. The foundation’s Best Care Special School provides essential skills training for physically and mentally challenged children, aiming to equip them for employment and independent, productive lives in society.

Situated at 11 Trevennion Road, Kingston, the foundation not only offers kindergarten and primary education since its inception in 2008 but also extends vocational training in cosmetology and home management for older students. While the school typically enrolls children aged six to 18, it uniquely accommodates students up to 21, particularly for its vocational programs.

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Home to most of the children who attend the

Best Care Special School


The Best Care Foundation, located at 11 Trevennion Road, Kingston.

The institution, which was started in 2008, offers kindergarten and primary level education and, for more mature students, another section offers vocational training which entails cosmetology and home management.

Normally, children six to 18 are accepted. However, because of the special needs of the students, the school also accepts pupils up to 21 years old. They will be able to participate in the vocational aspect of the school.