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Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Commercial Litigation

• Contract disputes and breach of contract claims
• Business torts and fraud litigation
• Shareholder and partnership disputes
• Employment and labor disputes
• Intellectual property litigation

Arbitration and Mediation

• International arbitration and cross-border disputes
• Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
• Arbitration agreements and enforcement
• Construction arbitration and ADR
• Commercial mediation and negotiation services

Insurance Litigation

• Insurance coverage disputes
• Bad faith claims and litigation
• Subrogation and recovery actions
• Insurance defense and liability cases
• Reinsurance disputes

Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation

• Consumer class actions
• Product liability and mass tort claims
• Securities class actions
• Environmental and toxic tort litigation
• Antitrust and competition disputes

Employment and Labor Dispute Resolution

• Wrongful termination and discrimination claims
• Wage and hour disputes
• Employee benefits and ERISA litigation
• Labor union negotiations and disputes
• Employment arbitration and mediation services