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Probate and Estate Planning

Wills and Trusts:

• Drafting and updating wills
• Establishing revocable living trusts
• Creating irrevocable trusts for asset protection
• Testamentary trusts for minor beneficiaries


Estate Tax Planning:

• Minimizing estate and gift taxes
• Leveraging exemptions and deductions
• Utilizing lifetime gifting strategies
• Charitable giving and foundations


Asset Protection:

• Structuring trusts to shield assets from creditors
• Creating family limited partnerships (FLPs)
• Incorporating offshore trusts or entities


Advance Healthcare Directives:


• Drafting living wills
• Appointing healthcare proxies or power of attorney
• End-of-life decision planning


Guardianship and Conservatorship:

• Appointing guardians for minors
• Establishing conservatorships for incapacitated adults


Probate and Estate Administration:

• Navigating the probate process
• Distributing assets to beneficiaries
• Handling estate debts and taxes


Business Succession Planning:

• Creating succession plans for family businesses
• Implementing buy-sell agreements
• Managing ownership transitions


Special Needs Planning:

• Establishing special needs trusts
• Providing for disabled family members
• Preserving government benefits eligibility


Estate Litigation:

• Resolving will contests and disputes
• Challenging or defending against the validity of wills or trusts


Elder Law Services:

• Long-term care planning
• Guardianship and conservatorship for seniors
• Elder abuse and fraud protection


International Estate Planning:

• Addressing cross-border estate planning issues
• Managing foreign assets and investments
• Compliance with international tax laws


Digital Estate Planning:

• Managing digital assets and online accounts
• Providing access to online accounts after death
• Protecting digital privacy and data