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Jamaica’s Insolvency Act

A New Era in Corporate and Personal Insolvency In the realm of insolvency law, Jamaica embarked on a transformative journey with the enactment of its modern Insolvency Act in 2014. This article explores the birth of Jamaica's Insolvency Act, its objectives, and its place in the broader Caribbean context. 1. A Monumental Change in 2014 […]

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Embracing Choice: The Future of Secured Lending in an Ever-Evolving World

In today’s dynamic world of commerce, where businesses constantly adapt and innovate, the concept of secured lending has faced challenges that some may consider controversial. In this article, we explore the evolving landscape of secured lending and the importance of preserving the freedom to contract. The Sanctity of Free Will While many argue for stricter […]

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Navigating the Complexities of Corporate Governance: A Guide for Modern Businesses

Introduction to Corporate Governance Corporate governance is a term that encompasses a broad and complex array of definitions, principles, and practices. It’s a field that has drawn attention for its lack of empirical, methodological, or theoretical coherence, a critique that highlights the challenges of melding legal frameworks with non-legal principles. At its core, corporate governance […]

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