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Eco-Sustainability and Your Business: How We Can Help

  • February 1, 2024

At Yualande Christopher & Associates, we understand the importance of eco-sustainability in today’s
business environment.

Here’s how we make navigating sustainability laws simple and effective for
your business:

 Consumer Shift: More than 37% of consumers are now more eco-conscious post-pandemic,
with 73% expecting businesses to use recyclable or minimal packaging.

 Business Advantage: Adopting sustainable practices isn’t just good for the planet—it’s what
your customers expect and can set you apart in the marketplace.

 Legal Framework in Jamaica: The law is clear—regulations like the Trade (Plastic Packaging
Materials Prohibition) Order prohibit the use of single-use plastics in significant quantities.

How We Support Your Sustainable Business Goals:

 Legal Compliance: We guide you through Jamaica’s environmental regulations, ensuring
your business complies with the latest laws, including the prohibition on single-use plastics.

 Sustainability Initiatives: Beyond compliance, we advise on incorporating green practices
into your business strategy, enhancing your brand’s eco-friendly image.

 Client Partnership: We see our role as partners in your sustainability journey, helping you
build a business that’s not only legally compliant but also socially responsible.

Choose Yualande Christopher & Associates:

 Expert Advice: Benefit from our expertise in environmental law and business sustainability.

 Strategic Support: Align your business practices with consumer expectations for a greener

 Future-Ready: Stay ahead of regulations and lead in the eco-sustainable business

Contact us today to make sustainability your business’s strength.

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