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  • Part 2: Navigating Emerging Laws in Digital Marketing

Part 2: Navigating Emerging Laws in Digital Marketing

  • January 28, 2024

I. Advising on New and Emerging Laws

In today’s digital landscape, staying compliant with emerging laws is essential. Our legal experts at
Yualande Christopher & Associates provide guidance to businesses regarding the latest legal
developments that may impact their digital marketing strategies. One such law is the Data
Protection Act 2020.

The Data Protection Act, enacted in May 2020, applies to entities collecting individuals' personal
data—a common occurrence in digital marketing. Businesses engaged in digital marketing become
data controllers, as defined in Section 2 of the Act.

Understanding Data Protection Act Requirements:

1. Specifying Data Processing Purposes: Section 25(2) requires data controllers to inform data
subjects explicitly about the purposes for processing their personal data. Privacy notices,
terms and conditions, and consent forms should clearly state data usage intentions.

2. Technical and Organizational Measures: Section 30(1)(a) outlines the need for businesses to
implement technical and organizational measures to protect against unauthorized
processing and data loss. Our firm advises on data security protocols to protect consumer
data and prevent legal liabilities.

Compliance Assistance:

We work closely with businesses to ensure their compliance with the Data Protection Act and other
emerging laws. Our services include:
 Conducting compliance assessments.
 Advising on privacy notices and data usage.
 Assisting in implementing technical and organizational measures.
 Guiding businesses in understanding their rights and obligations under new legislation.

Yualande Christopher Associates is committed to helping businesses navigate the evolving legal
landscape of digital marketing. Our expert guidance ensures compliance with emerging laws,
protecting your brand and fostering consumer trust. With the Data Protection Act’s compliance
deadline approaching in November 2023, our firm is prepared to assist businesses in their journey to
compliance, safeguarding their digital marketing endeavours and reputation.

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